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Welcome to MBizText where you can benefit from a full set of text message marketing features including the ability to send bulk text messages from your toll-free number. Since the MBizTools suite was put together in 2013, MBizText has been a backbone of our mobile business tools. The ability to add toll-free numbers to accounts is very exciting as it can help enhance your brand! If you are currently not using text message marketing or want to explore a better option, look no further than MBizText!

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Key Features of MBizText

Text message marketing has been one of the best ways to get a message across to followers quickly. Even people that are not using smartphones can benefit from a text message that reminds them of your brand. In years past, shortcodes were the only way to send bulk messages. Now, however, we can use the same MBizText platform to share your message using your toll-free number. Aside from the user portal and toll-free numbers, check out the other key features associated with your MBizText account.

Multiple Keywords

At a minimum, you will get 10 keywords with your account. You can get more keywords if needed. The best part is that you can use system generated keywords for times you just want something random. You can also use the 2 available shortcodes or your toll-free number to claim custom keywords that enhance your brand. The reason we give away multiple keywords is so you can use them in various ways to make sure you are targeting your consumers in the best way possible.

Text Messages Blasts

Once you have captured the mobile numbers of your consumers, you can keep them in the loop by sending out text message blasts to all of them or specific groups. Insert links to specific websites or apps you want them to access and remind them of upcoming events that drive them back to your physical location or website.

Drip Campaigns

Whether you want to start a drip campaign when someone opts in or after you send out a blast, MBizText provides you with that capability. Simply create your campaign and let the automation begin. By creating one from an opt-in, it will enable users to get messages based on a specific time period after they either submit a form or text your keyword to the corresponding number. A blast sequence is perfect for reminding people of big events as it can serve as your "countdown" to let them know when an event will take place or when an amazing offer will no longer be available.

Run & Manage Contests

You can run a contest during the middle of a big event or schedule it for any future date. A benefit of having multiple keywords is that you can designate specific keywords for contest entries and others for just general information. When running a contest, determine if you want everyone who has ever opted in to be eligible or just those who opted into the contest during a specific time range. Winners and losers will even be notified by text message.

Conduct Polls/Surveys

Use text messages to help conduct quick polls to find out what users are thinking. Simply assign up to five potential responses and trigger an autoresponse back based on their answer. This feature can also be used to drive people to a specific link based on their answer to a question. Perfect for conditional texting.

Coupons with Mobile Wallet

You can create unlimited mobile coupons. Each coupon that is sent to a user is then stored in their mobile wallet. Once coupons expire, they can no longer be used. This is a great way to drive traffic to your physical location. When creating your coupon, make sure you identify a call to action, a brief description and remember to add an image so it is more likely to grab their attention.

Text to Screen

Want people at an event to have instant feedback on what is happening? Simply use the Text to Screens feature and anyone can view the various information being texted to a specific keyword. This is great at conferences, tradeshows, and other public forums where poll information or contests can be conducted.

Send Birthday Wishes

When people opt-in, you can elect to capture their birthday. This can be done via online form or text submission. Either way, using the Birthday Wishes feature makes sure that you always remember a contact's birthday by sending them a text message. You can even add coupons or links to special offers to give them a gift.

Start with an Individual Account

Bulk SMS Credits

Each SMS credit allows up to 160 characters. If you exceed 160 characters, multiple credits will be applied for every text message sent. A credit is used for every phone number the message is sent to. In addition, credits are used for opt-ins.

Bulk MMS Credits

MMS credits allow you to text images and gifs. All credits can be used anytime and remain in your account as long as it is active.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SMS and MMS credits?
SMS credits are for your basic text messages. Each SMS credit is for a straight text-based message that is up to 160 characters. MMS credits enable you to add images and .gifs to phone numbers. Each MMS allows you to insert the image and text that helps explain the image. Both allow you to add links to external websites so that people can access offers, downloads, your website, etc.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
No. We have been providing MBizSMS for over 5 years. Anyone that is unsure of whether text message marketing is for them should schedule a free consultation. During this consultation, we will weigh the pros and cons of text message marketing and determine if it is the best solution for your organization. You are able to test the platform and claim your keywords for a low $9.95. This gives you full access for a month and you receive 100 SMS text messages that can be used while testing it out. You can then invest in bulk SMS or MMS packages anytime.

Can I upload my contact list?
Yes. Please note that bulk uploads may require you to use credits to verify they are contacts. In order to make sure you are not violating any laws regarding text spamming, we have to go through a verification process when bulk uploads are added to the account.

Do people have to opt-in for me to contact them?
No. You can select for your keywords to be used for "opt-in" purposes or as just forms of lead generation. Either way, you can reach out to anyone who provides their contact information. You will use the "Lead" option when setting up a keyword if you do not want anyone to reply to your messages and you are not planning on sending them any text message blasts. Only users who have been opted in will be able to send bulk texts to their various users.

Will you offer a lifetime offer?
No. MBizText has been around since 2013. Since there are a number of variable costs associated with the MBizText backend and functionality, there will never be another lifetime offer for this platform. We have worked to keep the price down given all the features, keywords, and text messages associated with each package.

What happens when I have used all my SMS or MMS credits?
Since we provide users with SMS or MMS credits in bulk, we understand that a campaign could cause you to need more credits than you currently have in your account. Accordingly, we provide all accounts with a campaign overage. The overage credits you use will be applied to your next bulk purchase. For example, if you use 100 credits more than are currently in your account, then when you purchase your next set of credits, 100 will be deducted since they have already been used.

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